By default, with_mock_api() will look for and capture_requests() will write mocks to your package's tests/testthat directory, or else the current working directory if that path does not exist. If you want to look in or write to other places, call .mockPaths() to add directories to the search path.




Either a character vector of path(s) to add, or NULL to reset to the default.


If new is omitted, the function returns the current search paths, a a character vector. If new is provided, the updated value will be returned invisibly.


It works like base::.libPaths(): any directories you specify will be added to the list and searched first. The default directory will be searched last. Only unique values are kept: if you provide a path that is already found in .mockPaths(), the result effectively moves that path to the first position.

For finer-grained control, or to completely override the default behavior of searching in the current working directory, you can set the option "httptest2.mock.paths" directly.


#> [1] "."
#> [1] "/var/somewhere/else" "."                  
#> [1] "."